Chemcast Cast Acrylic Sheet Distributors

Chemcast LogoIf you need a high-quality plastic material for your business’ signage, promotional materials or POP displays that won’t scratch or scuff like standard Plexiglas, look no further than Chemcast, the industry’s leading manufacturer of cell cast acrylic sheets.

What sets Chemcast apart from other cast acrylic sheets – which are all made by pumping the liquid form of Methyl Methacrylate monomer into a mold and waiting for the polymerization process to take place – is the fact that its sheets come in a variety of sizes, thicknesses and colors, so everything can be matched to market specifications.

From signs and furniture to skylights, security windows, shower doors and windshields, the uses for a Chemcast acrylic sheet is virtually endless.

Features of Chemcast Acrylic Sheets

Chemcast Clear PlasticChemcast’s acrylic sheets are known for both their physical and chemical properties, such as having optimal clarity (92%) and being durable, lightweight and unaffected by chemical exposure.

In addition, it has a better thermal stability and is more resistant to crazing and scratches than extruded acrylic, which makes it ideal for either indoor or outdoor use. And since it can easily be fabricated or thermoformed, you’ll be able to use it for whatever application you see fit.

Uses for Plastic Sheeting

Though primarily used for commercial and residential construction, Chemcast acrylic sheets can also be used around the house. For instance, a colored piece of sheeting makes the perfect kitchen backsplash since it’s groutless, waterproof and tougher than tile.

And it can be used to give the doors of old kitchen cabinets a facelift or to upgrade the top of an existing coffee or end table so it has a more modern, transparent look.

Chemcast color line up

Proud Distributors of Chemcast Acrylic Sheets

At Pioneer Supply Company, we’re proud to be a distributor of Chemcast Acrylic Sheets. For more information on the product, or to browse our current inventory, contact us at (800) 545-2233, or visit the website. One of our representatives will be happy to assist you.