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Film Adhesive Technology

By: Tim Boxeth and Adam Larson Since 1902, 3M has offered a wide array of products stretching across nearly every business vertical, but a large amount of the company’s divisions trace their technology back to the importance and evolution of adhesives. This is especially true for the wraps industry and the vinyl and film products […]

Signmaking Composites

By: Chris and Kathi Morrison What are the most common base materials used for making commercial signs? We’ll guess that you often choose MDO plywood, sheet aluminum, Plexiglas®, sign blanks, corrugated plastic, foamcore board or paper. Every sign order creates the challenge of choosing the right substrate, and it’s not always easy. Corrugated plastic, for […]

Board Games — Working With Foam for Signage

Foam board and foam products are inexpensive and versatile, and that is why they are so popular in the sign and digital graphics industry. From pop-up displays and exhibits to dimensional signage, foam fuels people’s creativity.High-density urethane started getting popular in the 1990s as a replacement for wood. This foam product can be CNC routed […]

Stop! Take Notice

By: Joann Whitcher Whether you’re walking down a street in New York City or Las Vegas, or the main street of a village in Connecticut, an eye-catching graphic on a window of a retail business is poised to get your attention. And of course, that’s the whole point of window graphics – to make you […]

Printers for Wrappers

By: Andy Stonehouse July 25, 2017 As wrap jobs have become more and more popular for both commercial applications and individual consumers looking to customize their vehicles, more and more print shops are exploring their wrap printer options – and seeing what they’ll need to spend to capture a slice of the market.   Testing […]

Wrappers tools of the trade

For those who are new or curious about the vehicle wrapping industry, ever wonder what the tools of the trade are? The Wrap Institute’s Justin Pate walks us through the tools that he’s never caught without when he’s doing an install.

LED Retrofits: What’s in the Cabinet

By: Ryan Fugler July 10, 2017 “In today’s market, there are not too many signs that can’t use LED lighting,” begins Jason Horton, director of sign lighting at US LED. “LEDs are a great fit for both letters and cabinet signs in not only new construction but also in the retrofit world.” If you haven’t […]

Whats new at Pioneer!

We are recieving a few more rolls of the RTape Conform® 4761RLA Application Tape soon! Conform® 4761RLA is a heavily saturated heavyweight paper with a high tack rubber adhesive. 4761RLA is designed as a prespacing tape for air egress vinyls. Perfect for use with die-cut and plotter cut graphics. 4761RLA is an exceptional choice to […]

Types of Channel Letter Signs: Which is Best for Your Business?

Channel letters are customizable letters for business signage and brand recognition. This form of signage has set companies apart for many years as it contributes to a company’s identity and visibility. Channel letters have proven very successful due to the incredible variety of options available when designing them. Design Channel letters can be customized in […]


      Are you ready for more information on Silica dust? The new OSHA Silica Regulation goes into effect on September 23, 2017. 3M can help you prepare. To review the entire regulation, please visit   Silica Construction Webcast This 40-minute webcast features construction industrial hygienist Don Garvey explaining OSHA’s new silica regulation […]