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Analyzing the LED Module Market

by: J. Bryan Vincent Well, here we are. When I was asked to write an article on LED channel letter modules, I thought to myself, what else is there to really write about that hasn’t been said? I began to reflect on my 15 years manufacturing sign modules and the massive changes that I have witnessed […]

LEDs: Illuminating an energy-efficient future

By: Chris and Kathi Morrison That futurists say LEDs are the light of the 21st century presents an interesting question because, even though LEDs have proved reasonably successful, hi-tech diviners must also regard other neophyte technologies, especially in the province of solid-state lighting (SSL). That is, aren’t organic LEDs (OLED) and polymer LEDs (PLED) presently […]

How to create a wrap checklist that’s perfect for your shop

by: Charity Jacklson In our shop we use a Vehicle Wrap Checklist to guide us through the wrapping process. It’s intended to be a sales tool to aid in efficiency and very useful in gathering needed information and avoiding missteps with any vehicle wrap job. Here’s a step-by-step breakdown of what we’ve included in our checklist […]

Lighting Sign Cabinets in the 21st Century

By: Ron Farmer   Fluorescent History Twelve years ago, sign cabinets were predominately illuminated just one way—with fluorescent lamps. There were some exceptions, like HID lamps with baffles, but most sign guys used fluorescent lamps. The process was well understood and the standards were agreed upon by most in the sign business. One row of […]

Entry-Level Wide-Format Printers

by: Bill Schiffner If you are new to the wide-format business and are in the market for an entry-level wide-format printer for your shop, there are a number of questions you must first ask yourself and some criteria that must be met to ensure that any new machine you choose will be a good fit […]

Polycarbonates and Acrylics

By: Ryan Fugler Look around, you’ll find that you interact with more plastic components than you probably realized. Your phone, your keyboard, your garage door opener, television, pens, water bottles, and on and on. The great part about plastic materials is that they work across a multitude of applications—even those that aren’t at the front […]

When is it Time to Change a Sign Letter Face?

By: John Baylis A channel letter’s face (acrylic) is a critical performance variable, and updating a face can need to occur for several reasons. This article reviews some of the potential situations that may prompt a sign owner to consider a face change, including acrylic fading, original color choice performance and letter illumination issues. Fading […]

Film Adhesive Technology

By: Tim Boxeth and Adam Larson Since 1902, 3M has offered a wide array of products stretching across nearly every business vertical, but a large amount of the company’s divisions trace their technology back to the importance and evolution of adhesives. This is especially true for the wraps industry and the vinyl and film products […]

Signmaking Composites

By: Chris and Kathi Morrison What are the most common base materials used for making commercial signs? We’ll guess that you often choose MDO plywood, sheet aluminum, Plexiglas®, sign blanks, corrugated plastic, foamcore board or paper. Every sign order creates the challenge of choosing the right substrate, and it’s not always easy. Corrugated plastic, for […]