Sign Routing Services

In business, the right sign can sometimes be the difference between making a sale or losing a potential customer since it’s the main marketing feature that can increase brand exposure and make you stand out from your competition.

You could take the old-school approach and make a hand carved sign yourself using a traditional router found at most hardware stores. But it can be an exhaustive and time consuming process, one that requires patience and a steady hand.

Or you could choose to have your company’s signage made by Pioneer Supply using a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) router – which uses computer automation to precisely carve any design into wood, composite, aluminum or steel.

Our CNC routers have the perfect bit to create your custom sign with ease, no matter its shape, size or letter depth. If you have a symbol, image or slogan specific to your company, we can reproduce it on a variety of material to make a sign that’s just right for your business.

Simply send Pioneer Supply a pre-existing design, or make a new one from scratch, let us know what type of material you’d like it to be carved on and let our team of professionals handle the rest.

Have an idea for a sign, but not sure if it’s feasible? Contact us with a description of your needs, the preferred thickness, color and material of your sign, the desired completion date and any additional instructions.

Once we have that information, we’ll get back to you in two to three business days with pricing rates and availability and will talk you through the exact process it’ll take to make your vision a reality.

And the finished product will be a work of art tailored to fit the needs of your growing business and its customer base.

Why have a boring-looking sign when you don’t have to?

For more information on our routing services, or to begin the first step toward a custom sign, call us at (800) 545-2233 or visit the website.