Sign Kit and Assembly

You may be offering the best products at the lowest prices and have excellent customer service to back it up, but if you don’t have the proper marketing tools, how do you expect anyone to discover your business?

To be profitable in today’s competitive market, you need the type of sign that will draw attention – and customers – to your store from a distance. And there’s no better way to promote your company than with a customizable extrusion sign that can reflect store hours, contact information or sales promotions.

At Pioneer Supply, we can provide you with everything you need to assemble your own sign kit or cabinet using the manufacturing process of extrusion, which securely joins material together using a cross-sectional pattern.

It’s sort of like building a puzzle since each pre-fabricated piece connects together to form the metal frame of a wall mounted or outdoor sign. And when it’s finished, your business’ name will be in lights. Literally.

Our staff of professionals will cut and miter the components of the kit so it meets your specifications and can be easily constructed using the provided step-by-step directions.

Or, if you prefer, we can build the cabinet for you and provide illumination using fluorescent or LED internal lighting. Additionally, a UL listed sticker can be provided to certify that each lighting component meets certain industry standards.

When you’re trying to expand your customer base and market yourself without spending a fortune, it’s important to select a sign supplier wisely.

You want someone with experience who understands the fact that a sign can drive action. And that’s why Pioneer Supply is the right choice. We can engineer you the perfect sign kit and assembly that’s just right for your company – and aesthetically pleasing as well – after outlining your goals.

Every business leader wants to add value to their company and there’s no better way to do so than with a sign kit and assembly from Pioneer Supply.


To learn more about Pioneer Supply’s sign kit and assembly service, or to see how the right sign can expand your customer base and increase your business’ reach, contact us at (800) 545-2233. One of our representatives will be happy to assist you.